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To be effective in today’s market place pharma, biotech and Public Health sector staffs require solid backgrounds of the disease states they cover; a nuanced understanding of what providers see as most relevant in the day-to-day management of patients; an awareness of patient experiences; and solid knowledge of rapidly evolving health care markets.


Design and deliver comprehensive and multi-disciplinary disease state education and training modules in HIV and viral hepatitis, covering: etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, scientific and clinical developments, treatment protocols, co-morbidities, access, reimbursement/prior authorization, health care reform, and legislative and political considerations.


HCS developed and delivered a series disease state training courses for pharma, biotech and public health sector clients in the fields of viral hepatitis and HIV providing solid and multidisciplinary foundations to field based and non-field based staffs.



Chronic and acute Illnesses such as Cancer, HIV, and chronic hepatitis frequently provoke stigma, anxiety, and fear among those with or at risk of disease. Culture, gender, race and age all influence reactions to disease and shapes how people in need of treatment interact with, family, other support networks and health systems providing therapy.


To assemble diverse panels of patients afflicted with chronic viral diseases and syndromes to help pharma and biotech sector staffs better understand patients’ experiences with disease and therapy.


HCS assembled more than 25 diverse patient panels substantially improving our client’s insight and understandings of patients’ experiences living with acute and chronic diseases.



Instituto de Ciência, Tecnologia e Qualidade Industrial (ICTQ), Brazil – In the past two decades the Brazilian pharmaceutical sector has been rapidly expanding, annual revenues now exceed $26 billion and demand for pharmaceutical products is growth is ~10% per year. The consumer pharma market is estimated to have nearly 200 million consumers. To address this growing and vast market public and private sector universities have expanded education and training in the areas of regulatory science, particularly in the areas of: clinical trials, research ethics, compliance and pharmacovigilance.


Design and deliver a comparative description and analysis of US Food and Drug Administration procedures for regulating and approving pharma sector products in the context of Brazil’s pharmaceutical sector markets and drug regulation regimens to post graduate pharmaceutical professionals at ICTQ.


HCS developed and delivered more than 50 high quality seminars in the area of regulatory science for ICTQ to Brazilian pharmaceutical professionals in English and Portuguese at ICTQ’s post graduate training sites throughout Brazil.